salt chuck mine: bornite to palladium

Today, the Salt Chuck mine’s rusting ore processing equipment remains mostly in place while the three story mill was (Image 1) removed as part of the CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response and Liability Act) site cleanup in 2011. The Salt Chuck[1] was initially a copper mine but became Alaska’s major producer of palladium[2] after the metalContinue reading “salt chuck mine: bornite to palladium”

villages of kasaan; an historical note

While we are preparing to hike into the Salt Chuck mine with our drones to take some aerial images for our next Kasaan mine blog, I thought that I would write a short note on the interesting history of the village(s) of Kasaan which we have referred to in a pastblog and in our overviewContinue reading “villages of kasaan; an historical note”

larry heady in his element on prince of wales island

(featured photo:  Larry Heady at mouth of mine) As I have been writing blogs on the mines of Kasaan Peninsula, I was thinking about some of my field trips to mines and outcrops on the Island. As I wrote, I could not help thinking of an old friend, Larry Heady. By the time I arrivedContinue reading “larry heady in his element on prince of wales island”

lichtenstadter and mount andrew mine kasaan peninsula

Lichtenstadter and the Mount Andrew Mine Abundant natural resources have attracted prehistoric native peoples, European explorers/traders, and Americans to Prince of Wales Island. The Island’s has a long history of natural resource development. Mining has been an important part of that history. This blog continues our series of blogs about mining on the Kasaan Peninsula.Continue reading “lichtenstadter and mount andrew mine kasaan peninsula”