• summer of the black dog

    I believe it was the summer of 2009 when I first saw the black dog. She was laying at the bottom of the deadman’s curve between Black Bear Creek and

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  • Gavia immer

    The hauntingly beautiful cries of the common loon ,Gavia immer, across Setter Lake always sets my heart a-singing. . Although I thoroughly welcome and enjoy the songs of the many

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  • prince of wale muskegs rich with life

    The wetlands of Prince of Wales, indeed Alaska, are called muskegs. Wikipedia has the following introduction on their article about muskegs Muskeg (Cree: maskek; French: fondrière de mousse, lit. moss bog) is an acidic soil type common in Arctic and boreal areas,

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  • the ubiquitous lysichiton americanus

    ‘In the ancient days they say there was no salmon. The Indians had nothing to eat save roots and leaves. Principle among there was the skunk cabbage. Finally, the spring

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  • sitka deer life as seen along setter lake, south thorne bay

    When we first arrived at Setter Lake in 2006-7, our warmest welcoming committee consisted of  a little family of Sitka deer. The family unit consisted of the matriarch, affectionately nicknamed MamaDoe,

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  • bear bread…anyone?

    Found throughout Southeast Alaska, bear bread or conk, is a familiar sight on tree stumps, dead trees, downed trees, even firewood.  They are a the spore producing fruiting portion of

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