quick thinking quacker

Our first winter on Setter Lake taught us a lesson in survival. It was early winter and there was snow on the ground and the lake was largely inced over though a deeper section on the further side from us still showed water. Sara, Tara, and I exited from the kitchen door and started our walk when we heart a frantic quaking coming fast upon us. We turned and looked up and saw a Mallard with an large adult eagle just inches from the mallards tail.

Ducks are noisy, noisy noisy! One would think that the duck would have kept his mouth closed and used all his breath and energy to escaping that eagle! But naw! never once did this quacker quit quacking.

From the closest electrical pole to the top of our house was the electric cable feeding electricity to our home. As the prey and predator closed in towards oable, darned if at the last minute that mallard did not duck under the cable so that the eagle barely missed being fried!

Having lost momentum, the powerful wings of the eagle quickly shortened the distance between it and the duck. And once again, the quick thinking of the duck saved its life as the eagle closed in for the kill the duck literally dropped from the skies into the open hole in the iced lake.

Stock photo of mallard in flight

The eagle braked, circled and swooped down when the duck bobbed up and missed again as the duck dived back under. We watched while the two replayed the bob-swoop-dive scenario three more times. The eagle than just gave up and flew away. The duck stays on the patch of water for some time afterwards. We do not know when it left.

Smart duck!

Stock photo of eagle diving to grab a fish in water

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