no palm trees but no minus 40F, or 12′ snowdrifts either


Prince of Wales Island enjoys a much milder climate than what most people expect in Alaska. The Island is situated at around 56 degrees north latitude, almost midway between Seattle, WA and Anchorage, AK. The island’s climate is classified as mid latitude oceanic (Köeppen classification Cfb) with cool summers and mild winters, and moist conditions year-round – a climate more akin to that of coastal British Columbia and Washington’s Olympic Peninsula than it is to Anchorage.
The graph shown below for Craig (Western Regional Climate Center data), the Island’s largest city, depicts the generally mild climate on Prince of Wales.

Craig Climate Graph

Craig Alaska Climate Graph 
hat-tip to
Crait cliamte graph hat-tip to

However, there can be significant variation in snowfall amounts and areal distribution from year-to-year.  So, if you are thinking of moving north to Alaska but are concerned about cold temperatures, re-think Prince of Wales, a jewel in Alaska’s southern panhandle – a great retirement alternative for those looking for the quiet solitude of majestic trees, great ocean side living, no congestion and affordable prices. Oh, since I am from Texas, I also should mention another benefit – no snakes.

Craig Harbor -Craig, Alaska

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