its a dog’s world…winter 2016-2017

No snakes…no ticks…no scorpions…no grasshoppers…just bears and wolves!

It’s a dog’s world on Prince of Wales Island, on Setter Lake in South Thorne!  Especially when it snows!

A Texan transplant’s first taste of snow!
“Dang! That is coooold!” exclaims the wader. “Silly girl!” scoffs her big brothers! Puppies at Setter Lake
Play Ball!

In the background of the picture above, the white tanks are propane used for drier and cooking stove. The red tank is deisel-1 used for heating (wood stove is our primary heat source), and the outbuilding is the cistern house. The cistern house contains our rain catchment captured water for household uses.

whatcha doing, Mom?


Snowball Magnet!

Rascally Thor and Iris refereed by the judicious Elias with Rosie as spectator

They revel in it, wonder at it,  taste it, chase each other kicking up clouds of snowfall, burrow in it popping up with comical snow masks.

Rosebug, the head of the low-tiered pups.
Sammie and Eli, 220lbs of Shiloh Shepherd between them in old growth grove.
Homeward bound! Hot coffee and bully sticks!

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  1. Carolyn van Weel Avatar
    Carolyn van Weel

    Aw! Love this!


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