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Coffman Cove By-the-Sea Festival Aug 11-12 

with SEAK Drones.

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Alaska Rainforest Realty® brokers properties in southern Southeast Alaska (“Southeast”). Southeast offers a unique lifestyle amidst the natural beauty of forests, lakes and the ocean. Southeast Alaska includes the largest remaining old growth coastal temperate rain-forest in the world.

Our weather is generally mild and often rainy along the coast. Prince of Wales, home to Alaska Rainforest Realty, and its surrounding islands are under a strong maritime influence, offering temperate year-round temperatures.


Prince of Wales Scenic Byways Map

Southeast’s communities largely are situated between the ocean and the forests. Many properties offer a rural lifestyle living in a park-like atmosphere of tall trees and lush ferns. Waterfront properties along the coast or on lakes allow easy access to excellent recreational opportunities for the enjoyment of long time and seasonal residents, as well as recent retirees.

Southeast communities offer different levels of community service. Available services often are an important criterion in our client’s decision. For our client’s convenience, this website provides some information about several communities on POW.  This information largely is from the Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce’s annual visitor guide. Additional information can be found at several links that also are provided. Since the information can change, the prospective client is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the data before making a decision.

General Information

We can assist the seller, or the buyer depending upon the agreement (i.e., buyer or seller agreement).

BUYER– we search our property listings and those of other brokers to identify properties that meet our client’s (Buyer’s) needs – location, amenities, and price range. We also search past sale data to help prospective client determine a fair offer and terms for a property that they desire.

Importantly, as long time residents, we are familiar with the Island – you literally will not get lost in the woods with us.

SELLER – we advise clients (sellers) on how to price a home and prepare it for sale. We market the property through direct local and regional advertising (e.g., Prince of Wales Island Post), networking, and the Southeast Alaska Multiple Listing Service (MLS). MLS exposes your property to more potential buyers.

With written consent, we can serve in a neutral capacity to facilitate the transaction between the buyer and seller. There are, of course, restrictions on what information we can share with each party when serving in this capacity.

Key points:

    • You can hire us to help you find a suitable property
    • We have access to our listings and other listings to match your needs with a suitable and available property
    • The listing broker works for the seller – we will work for you!
    • You can hire us to help you sell a property.
    • We can help you determine an appropriate listing price commensurate with your timeline.
    • An unrealistically high sale price most often results in a long number of days that your property will be on the market and results in seller frustration. We give you the information needed to help you make the decision.

Use of drones to showcase property

w-swellpro2We will film your home using a quadcopter (aerial drone), so Buyers can get more of a 3-D feel for your property and the surrounding area, which can be as important, if not more important, than your actual property.  We are the first and only real estate firm on Prince of Wales Island or Ketchikan to provide this service, and it’s a FREE service for all Sellers that list with us.

We are 14-CFR-107 FAA-licensed and insured for commercial UAS (unmanned aerial system) operation.




(Coffman Cove, Prince of Wales Island, Photo Credit D Sylvia)