Commercial for Sale

Commercial ventures in Southeast Alaska Prince of Wales Island is as mundane or extraordinary as your imagination. While there are the regular grocery stores, hardware stores, art stores that are found in the lower 48, some may decide to quarry fossils, others polish rock spheres out of the myriad types of fossils, crystals, puddingstone conglomerates, and other rocks that would warm the heart of any budding geologist.  Other entrepreneurs have oyster farms, make herbal creams out of Devils Claw, sell cranberry ketsup, pickled asparagus seaweed with bullwhip seaweed, or other plant life unique to Southeast.

Some commercial ventures in the past have included uranium, gold, copper , mines. Some make jewelry out of the rocks, etc.

If you have a commercial operation you would like to sell, or if you are looking for a lot or home to startup a new commercial venture, or want to purchase an existing commercial operation …Contact me, Dennis Sylvia, and I will make it happen.


DENNIS SYLVIA, REALTOR®Dennis pic Alaska Rainforest Realty®

 call  Cell/Msg 1.775.420.1688 or

click on    to send an email to me. 

Click on property link below to view photographs and additional information.


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