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NEW! Location! Location! Location!Home/Lodge at Harris River Subdiv-Lot 29 MLS16782, $270K

Prince of Wales in the Southeast Alaskan Peninsula has the standard and individualistic home to warm any souls. There are very few if any cardboard-cutout housing here on the Island. Alaska has attracted individualists who have built homes from mansions to rival those down in the lower 48 to sturdy large one room wood cabins to “float-homes” that are on pontoons on a bay or inlet or log cabins.most using local wood and rocks.

Though there are few building codes, the majority of home-owners have built their homes following building codes they have brought from down south. There is a home here for anyone. The settings for homes are scenic and picturesque.  One of the ladies who worked at the City’s contract Post Office told me that everyday she walks on their property-rain, snow, sun – just to see what is new…a coral orchid where there was none in past years, or a patch of chicken of the woods fungus on a stump that had been there forever, or pick and enjoy the ripened salmon berries.

Contact us to sell your home or to purchase your Alaskan dream. We have access to MLS, Southeast MLS, and our own set of tools.  We are here to help you in your pursuit of happiness.


Use MLS and Southeast Alaska MLS and other Tools. I will sell your property or help you find your new home.

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