About Point Baker / Port Protection
El Capitan  (Photo Credit Dennis Sylvia)

Point Baker and Port Protection are two small, closely located communities on the northwest tip of Prince of Wales Island, on Sumner Strait. They are not accessible by road. However, the Island’s road system extends to nearby Labouchere Bay (Lab Bay).  Both are a relatively short skiff ride from the boat landing at Lab Bay. Lab Bay is about 100 miles from Klawock and 125 miles from Hollis.

Point Baker is an unincorporated community of about 35. It was founded in the 1930’s. A state float serves as the floating downtown and includes a floatplane dock, store, post office, café, saloon, fuels sales, laundry and shower facilities, and volunteer fire department. There are several lodges in Point Baker and Port Protection. Commercial fishing is the primary occupation.

Port Protection is a 60 plus person community founded in 1949. The Lab Bay boat launch is about 1 mile away. Services include: floatplane dock, EMS, fuel, groceries, and library, among others. Rental cabins also are available. Commercial fishing is the primary occupation.

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