About Naukati

Naukati is an unincorporated community of about 140 that is located on the northwest side Prince of Wales Island. The community voted (2006) on incorporation as a second class city but voters decided to remain an unincorporated Home Owners Association.

Herald of Spring, the eponymous Skunk Cabbage

The community was founded in 1972 as a logging camp, and is the gateway to Sea Otter Sound, an area that is rich in marine life. Naukati is about 45 miles from Klawock and 70 miles from Hollis.

Naukati Old Growth
Coastal Old Growth at Naukati (Photo Credits L. Sylvia)

Naukati operates an oyster nursery, constructed with a grant from the State of Alaska and financial aid from the US Forest Service. Oyster spat (“seed”) is raised by the nursery and sold to oyster grow-out farms in the state. Revenue from the oyster nursery helps fund various community services (e.g., road maintenance, youth activities, etc.).

Naukati has the following services: fuel, groceries, ATM (cash machine), school, volunteer fire department, emergency medical services (EMS), boat launch/public floats, floatplane dock, lodging, and library, among others. Naukati provides ready access to marine and freshwater fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, and caving, among others.

Naukati is also home to the yearly Skunk Cabbage festival where skunk cabbage aficionados  bring their largest and best skunk cabbage leaves.



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