Klawock is on the central west side of PoW Island. It has a population of approximately 850. The city was founded in 1868 and it was incorporated in 1929. Klawock is the crossroads of the Island’s highway system; The paved Scenic Byways intersect here. The Island’s largest city, Craig, is less than 10 miles to the south and around 30 miles from Hollis, and the Hollis IFA ferry terminal. Klawock has the only airport runway on the Island and has a deep water port.

Klawock cannery (Photo Credit: Dennis A. Sylviawater port.

Klawock is a center of Tlingit center. Within the city is a heritage center with a long house and a carving shed. Klawock’s totem park has 21 poles that are replicas of original totem poles that stood on nearby Tuxekan Island. Historically, Klawock is the site of Alaska’s first salmon cannery.

Klawock has the following services: fuel, groceries, credit union, ATM (cash machine), school, city police department, volunteer fire department, emergency medical services (EMS), boat launch, church, flights (paved runway), grocery store, restaurant, post office, and library, among others.

Additional information can be found at the following contact/links:
Klawock: http://www.cityofklawock.com
Klawock City Hall: 907.755.2261
Prince of Wales Chamber of Commerce:  http://www.princeofwalescoc.org
Klawock City School District: http://www.klawockschool.com
Tongass National Forest: http://www.fs.usda.gov/recmain/tongass/recreation

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