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About Edna Bay


Herald of Spring, the eponymous Skunk Cabbage

Edna Bay is located on Kosciusko Island off the northwest coast of PoW. Edna Bay has a population of 49 (est.). It began as a logging camp in the 1940’s and became a second class city in 2014. Today, the principle occupation of residents is commercial and sport fishing. Edna Bay is on Sea Otter Sound, which, in addition to excellent fishing, offers, viewing of whales, sea otters, seals and other marine life. Salmon spawn in many of Kosciusko’s streams. Kosciusko enjoys an extensive road system, a remnant of previous timber harvests. Logging may again occur on Kosciusko as the older second growth becomes commercially viable.

Edna Bay can be reached by air or sea.  It is not directly connected to the PoW road system. There is a state float approximately 3 miles from lodging. Other local services include:  general store, emergency medical services (EMS), and a boat launch.

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