Monthly Archives: March 2017

bear bread…anyone?

Found throughout Southeast Alaska, bear bread or conk, is a familiar sight on tree stumps, dead trees, downed trees, even firewood.  They are a the spore producing fruiting portion of the fungus, its main body called the mycelium are stringy filaments that burrow into the tree contributing primarily to its decay by absorbing nutrients, breaking down the structure, etc. Some

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its a dog’s world…winter 2016-2017

No snakes…no ticks…no scorpions…no grasshoppers…just bears and wolves! It’s a dog’s world on Prince of Wales Island, on Setter Lake in South Thorne!  Especially when it snows! In the background of the picture above, the white tanks are propane used for drier and cooking stove. The red tank is deisel-1 used for heating (wood stove is our primary heat source),

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what in the world is a ‘wanigan’?

When we arrived on Prince of Wales on January 1, 2001…suffice it to say it was a different world. One of the areas Prince of Wales differed was the housing! We would occassionally hear that someone lives in a ‘wanigan’, or owns a ‘wanigan’, or renting a ‘wanigan’. So…what in the world is a ‘wanigan’?  ( According to the Free

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